E-Learning Success: From Courses to Careers

E-Learning Success: From Courses to Careers is a wide-ranging, robust, and always useful collection of articles that help you succeed in your online courses, complete your online program, and to find a satisfying career in an ever-changing world. Many of the most common worries and concerns are addressed as Dr. Susan Smith Nash, who has designed, developed, and administered e-learning and m-learning programs in a wide range of fields, guides you on your path. You’ll enjoy the humor, the quirky perspective, and the always upbeat and positive tone of the articles, even as you mine them for information that you can put to work today. Nash has received numerous awards and recognitions for her articles, blogs, and programs she has designed, and she is known as a turnaround specialist, who can take flagging programs and put them on their feet so that they start carrying their weight in their organization and contributing to the overall prestige, mission, and bottom line.

Motivating and Retaining Online Students: Research-Based Strategies That Work

Finally, the first research-based book of sound strategies and best practices to help instructors motivate students to complete their online courses.

Although studies support the effectiveness of learning online, students often fail to complete online courses. Some studies have found that as many as 50–70% drop out of their online courses or programs. Retention is not only a growing expectation and imperative, but it is also as opportunity for faculty members to take the lead in innovating, researching, and implementing new strategies while demonstrating their effectiveness.

Designed for instructors and instructional designers, Motivating and Retaining Online Students is filled with empirical research from the authors’ study of motivation and retention strategies that can reduce online learner dropout. Focusing on the most important issues instructors face, such as course design; student engagement and motivation; and institutional, instructional, and i