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Your Online Degree: From Selecting a School to Graduating

Deciding on an online degree is a major decision and should not be taken lightly. You are investing time and money on your future. Many students who do not plan ahead or properly simply drop out and this is a waste of time and money.

If you are considering an online degree or just taking some classes for licensing, this book will take you from having an idea to attend an online school to graduating. The information will help you understand the types of schools available and how you can find the right one for you. You will also find some useful tips for success.

Pharmacy School Confidential: An Insider’s Guide to Getting In, Getting out, and Getting the Most from the Experience

This book is for anyone actively pursuing enrollment in a school of pharmacy. However, currently enrolled students will appreciate its relevance, too. This book provides hard-to-find details to sharpen your sense of what is important to pharmacy school faculty. Such knowledge can smooth your transition into professional school, perhaps increase your scholastic performance, and ultimately help you land the perfect job in your field. During my tenure on the faculty of an accredited, 4-year public college of pharmacy in the south, I have had the fascinating role of interviewing prospective applicants, seeing first-year students on “day 1” of class, and watching graduates leave after commencement…and a smidgen of everything in between. In my role in the college, I teach, listen, and learn from our approximately 200 matriculating students each year. My additional role as a first-year student mentor gave me eye-opening insight about the minute details of students’ adjustment to pharm

E-Learning Success: From Courses to Careers

E-Learning Success: From Courses to Careers is a wide-ranging, robust, and always useful collection of articles that help you succeed in your online courses, complete your online program, and to find a satisfying career in an ever-changing world. Many of the most common worries and concerns are addressed as Dr. Susan Smith Nash, who has designed, developed, and administered e-learning and m-learning programs in a wide range of fields, guides you on your path. You’ll enjoy the humor, the quirky perspective, and the always upbeat and positive tone of the articles, even as you mine them for information that you can put to work today. Nash has received numerous awards and recognitions for her articles, blogs, and programs she has designed, and she is known as a turnaround specialist, who can take flagging programs and put them on their feet so that they start carrying their weight in their organization and contributing to the overall prestige, mission, and bottom line.